New Sports Minister makes major announcement: Blow for Mama Joy, Botha & co.

The recently appointed minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Gayton McKenzie, has made significant changes by discontinuing certain benefits for popular sports fans.

McKenzie was recently named a Sports minister in the multi-party government that was announced by the president Cyril Ramaphosa. 

The 50-year-old is the leader of Patriotic Alliance (PA) and is known for being a prolific tweeter.

Since being appointed as the minister, he has articulated multiple viewpoints concerning the domain he currently oversees.

Limiting sponsored trips for high-profile supporters like Mama Joy Chauke, Botha Msila, and Saddam Maake during tournaments is one of the first movements he’s taken.


“I have stopped all trips for super fans, we have athletes & artist who are struggling to raise money to attend sporting events and exhibitions, how do we justify paying for fans? We shall no longer be paying for these trips and will use that money where it’s needed the most,” McKenzie posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

McKenzie proposes reallocating the funds currently used for “super fan” trips to support athletes or artists struggling to afford attending sporting events or exhibitions.

The minister's decision sparked divided opinion on social media, with some welcoming it and others criticizing it.

The aforementioned fans have previously seen their trips to tournaments like AFCON, WAFCON and Rugby World Cup Cups funded by government in the recent years.


Meanwhile, McKenzie who initially wanted to be a minister of Home Affairs or Police, promised that he would do his utmost to deliver.

“Many people will not understand. We wanted Home Affairs or Police Ministry, but the true followers will know we also wanted Sports. I told the ANC ( African National Congress) about sports off the record during the negotiations,” said McKenzie as quoted by The Citizen.

“I’m a sports person. I love sports, I follow sports. 

“I’m passionate about sports and I also know about the discrimination against poor people with indigenous sports – people in the villages.

“I have contacts in the world when it comes to sport. I believe a child in sports is a child out of court. We will listen to your ideas and you will see the difference we will make. You have to be part of the difference.”

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Nkosiyabuya Sithole

Nkosiyabuya Sithole, a young and rising sports journalist based in Durban, South Africa, harbors a deep passion for football. Nevertheless, he aspires to become a well-rounded journalist, adept in various areas of the field.

Nkosi's career began in 2020, working as a home-based writer during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has since written for various websites, including Briefly News, FiND-iT News, and The South African. Attending live sporting events is a particular pleasure for him, as they provide opportunities for interaction with sports personalities.

Outside of the office, he's a God-fearing and affable young man.