AFCON 2024: Akwaba, the official anthem

Prior to the start of the African Cup of Nations, AFCON 2024, organisers of the competition unveiled the official anthem of the finals.

The piece titled ‘Akwaba' was put together by the talented music team at renowned record label Universal Music Africa, and it is been said that it would light up the arenas and help African pride reverberate in across the world where the showpiece will be viewed.

This year's competition is officially named AFCON 2023 since it was initially scheduled to take place last year but was postponed until January-February 2024.

Akwaba – the song of hospitality

‘Akwaba' which signifies ‘welcome' in Ivory Coast, embodies a declaration of love for football, a tribute to the continent's cultural diversity and the warm hospitality of the people of Cote d’Ivoire.

Especially with the country welcoming the rest of Africa to its land for the 34th edition of the continent’s football showpiece event that will run from 13 January to 11 February 2024.

The song, which was introduced during the draw for the final tournament, will set the African continent ablaze with an explosion of rhythms and melodies that embody the spirit of unity, passion and celebration.

It is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Renowned artists for an exceptional AFCON 2024 song

The choice of artists to carry out this project was crucial as it featured legendary Ivorian group Magic System from the host country, famous for the hit song ‘Premier Gaou', dazzling Egyptian pop icon Mohamed Ramadan, Nigeria's Yemi Alade, and renowned producer Dany Synthe.

Magic System

The Ivorian group of  A'salfo, Manadja, Goudé and Tino, is known for blending sounds with present-day rhythms to make infectious tunes that spellbind a worldwide crowd.

With the exception of ‘Premier Gaou', which dates way to the year 2000 – songs like ‘Move, move' (2003), ‘Zouglou Dance' (2007), ‘Chérie Coco' and ‘African environment' (2011), as well as ‘Feel the Magic in the Air” (2014) – these tunes stamp different audiences of all classes and unite the global gathering.

Mohamed Ramadan

A rising star of Egyptian pop. With his voice and his artistry, the 35-year-old is a huge entertainer. He is also an actor and, in 2017, became the highest-paid actor in an Egyptian drama when he signed a contract worth 45 million Egyptian pounds for a TV series with the string DMC.

Yemi Alade

Nigerian diva known for her skills and African hits, Yemi Alade, 34 years of age, has a strong voice and a particular style that blends components of customary African music with contemporary sounds. Her song titled ‘Baddie', released less than a year ago, peaks at more than 18 million views on YouTube.

Dany Synthe

At just 31, he’s been dubbed and recognized as a great producer. Dany Synthe, a local of Villiers-sur-Marne in the Paris district, has recently worked together with specialists like Orelsan, Maître Gims and even MHD. It was he who brought the last contacts to creation to the tune. His skill guarantees that the piece has first-class creation quality and is prepared for worldwide acceptance.

An anthem to make Africa vibrate and beyond AFCON 2024

Prepare to be transported by Akwaba! Much more than one song, this title will be a real celebration! Available on all streaming platforms, it is the song flagship of AFCON 2024.

The world of African football will be looking to celebrate the games and also to immerse yourself in this great cultural celebration where each team is expected to make its citizens proud.

The stadiums will ring out chants and cheers from supporters, reflecting the passion and unrivalled love for football in Africa. ‘Akwaba' will be the perfect accompaniment, embodying the essence of joy, unity and African pride. The party promises to be a spectacle.

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