AFCON 2024: Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium in Korhogo

Inaugurated on Saturday, November 4 2023, the Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium in Korhogo is one of the three new stadiums built for the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2024).

This year's competition is officially named AFCON 2023 since it was initially scheduled to take place last year but was postponed until January-February 2024.

Named after the late Prime Minister, this venue is now the largest sports building in northern Ivory Coast. Its achievement, which meets international standards, reflects the Ivorian Head of State's desire to develop and promote sports in the Poro region.

With a capacity of 20,000 seats, the Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium covers an area of 20.17 hectares at the main entrance to the town of Korhogo (bordering Mali and Burkina Faso).

Korhogo is the third most populous city in Ivory Coast and the largest city in the North of the country with a population of 440,926 inhabitants. Located 635 km from Abidjan, Korhogo is the capital of the Savanes district and the capital of the Poro region. T

he city is a strategic crossing point to Mali and Burkina Faso. It is also the capital of the Sénoufo people. The name Korhogo means “Heritage” in Sénoufo.

‘Bringing this stadium to life after the AFCON'

“This stadium will definitely give great stature to the city and the entire region. It will be a good catalyst on an economic, social, cultural and of course sporting level.

On the condition that the Ivorian Football Federation and all the others do not confine their competitions and Elephants matches to Abidjan. We must therefore bring this stadium to life after the AFCON,” Basile Plégnon, member of the local organising committee (COCAN), told Afrik-foot during the African Women’s Champions League.

Approved by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), this beautiful building offers modern amenities with well-equipped changing rooms, infirmaries, press rooms, and ultra-modern technologies without forgetting its beautiful natural lawn.

“The construction of the new stadium is part of a dynamic to make Korhogo the largest sports centre in northern Ivory Coast. An emphasis was placed on the modernity and comfort of the seats,” said a regional executive and construction engineer who participated in the work.

The work on the AGC stadium, which started on May 18, 2019, required a total investment of 50.02 billion CFA Francs or 76.2 million Euros.

The stadium is accompanied by four training grounds, an AFCON city with 32 villas and a 3-star hotel with 50 rooms. Since its inauguration, the architectural marvel that is the Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium has hosted the 3rd edition of the CAF Women's Champions League from November 5 to 19, 2023.

A life-size test made it possible to validate the reception capacity of this stadium and also the entire city of Korhogo.

During AFCON (AFCON 2024) , Tunisia, Mali, South Africa and Namibia in Group D will be based in the beautiful city of Korhogo. Although Malians may feel at home due to the Stadium's close proximity to their country, the other teams should pay attention to the climate, including the harmattan which has been raging since the beginning of December.

This cool, dry wind dominated by dust is extremely tiring for foreigners in January and February.

AFCON 2024: Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium in Korhogo
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Korhogo, a town conducive to tourism

Alongside the AFCON matches, team supporters will be able to go sightseeing. The town of Korhogo has several tourist sites that you absolutely must discover:

Mount Korhogo: Ancestral guardian of the city, it is a place of pilgrimage and sacrifice;

The Péléforo Gbon Coulibaly Regional Museum: Which houses a collection of art and craft objects;

The wood sculpture district: Which is renowned for its wood sculptures;

Notiokobadara shea butter manufacturing factories: They produce superior quality shea butter;

The weaving village of Waraniéné: Which is famous for its traditional fabrics;

The canvas painting village of Fakaha: Which is known for its hand-painted canvases;

Village of Koni iron blast furnace blacksmiths: Which is renowned for its artisanal forges;

The sacred rock of Chienleo: Which is a place of pilgrimage, worship and sacrifice;

The wood sculptors of Tanguikaha: They are known for their sculptures on wood;

The Ugan craft centre: Which offers a wide variety of Sénoufo art and craft objects;

These tourist sites are visited each year by European, African and national tourists. They are the pride of the region and Ivory Coast.

Korhogo and its Amadou Gon Coulibaly stadium are waiting to host the AFCON 2024. The Mayor of the town, Lacina Ouattara, known as ‘Lass PR', said “the city will continue to beautify itself until January 16, the day of the first AFCON 2024 match in Korhogo, (Mali vs South Africa) which will remain a historic date for the entire region.”

AFCON 2023: Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium in Korhogo
Credit: Icon Sport

Stade Amadou Gon Coulibaly AFCON 2024 schedule

  • January 16, 5 pm: Tunisia vs Namibia (Group E)
  • January 16, 8 pm: Mali vs South Africa (Group E)
  • January 20, 8 pm: Tunisia vs Mali (Group E)
  • January 21, 8 pm: South Africa vs Namibia (Group E)
  • January 24, 5 pm: South Africa vs Tunisia (Group E)
  • January 24, 8 pm: Tanzania vs DR Congo (Group F)
  • January 30, 5 pm: 1st group E vs 2nd group D (round of 16 game 7)
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