What is booking point in football? – Understanding the booking point betting market

In football betting, booking point refers to a system used by bookmakers to assign points to yellow and red cards shown in a game. This allows you to bet on the number of booking points that would be accumulated during the game.

Usually, a single yellow card means 10 points while a red card is usually 25 points. However, if a player gets two yellow cards, it is usually 35 points.

Over the years, booking points have become a popular betting market where you can win by accurately predicting whether the total number of points will exceed or be below the line the bookmaker sets.

How do football booking points work?

Booking points in football work based on the disciplinary actions taken during the match. Here’s how it works:

  • Yellow card: Each yellow card given to players during a match is worth 10 points.
  • Red card: A single red card is worth 25 points.
  • 2 yellow cards leading to a red: 35 points
How does booking point in football work?

However, you should keep in mind that the cards given after the regular 90 minutes of play don’t count towards booking points. For example, cards given during injury time or to unruly goalkeepers during penalty shootouts are not included in booking points. Additionally, cards awarded to coaches or bench players are not included in booking point calculations.

The booking point football betting market explained

In football betting in Nigeria, bookmakers offer several booking point betting options including:

Total booking points meaning

This is the most common type of booking point betting. Here, the book maker will set a particular value line for the total booking points in a match, and you have to predict whether the booking points will be over or under the bookmaker’s set line.

For example, if there’s a line of 45.5 booking points for a match between Nigeria and Ghana, it means that you can bet on either over 45.5 points (more cards will be given to players) or under 45.5 points (fewer cards).

Player to be booked

For this type of bet, you must predict whether a specific player will be booked during the match. For example, if it’s a Liverpool match, you can bet on whether Virgil Van Dijk will receive a yellow or red card.

Half booking points

This bet has to do with the total booking points in one half of the match, either the first half or second half. This is the safest booking point betting option.

Number of cards

This market deals with the total number of cards shown to players during the game —both yellow and red cards.

What is booking point in football: Total number of bookings

Expert tip: When it comes to the number of cards, consider the match's importance; knockout games, derbies, and cup finals are usually more intense, so there is a probability of a high number of cards.

Most booking points

For this type of booking point betting, you predict which team will accumulate the highest booking points in the match. This is always ideal whenever you expect a team to be more aggressive than the other.

For example, for the Madrid Derby, Atletico Madrid players have always proven to be more aggressive than Real Madrid players.

Home/Away booking points

This bet allows you to predict which team, either the home or away side, will receive more booking points during the match.

What is booking point in football: Half booking points

Specific booking points markets

There are other more specific booking points markets in football betting. Several licensed Nigerian bookmakers such as Bet9ja and Betano offer specific markets like first team to be booked, total number of red cards, and time of the first card in the match.

What is booking point in football? Our expert tips

Booking point betting is very exciting, but it involves careful research. Here are some strategies to help you be more successful in placing booking point bets.

  • Consider each team’s playing style. Check if they play aggressive football or if they engage in laid-back defence.
  • Also check the importance of the match. If it’s a cup final or a knockout match, then the match would be more intense compared to a regular league match or friendly match.
  • You should also conduct research on the weather conditions of the match. If the weather conditions are terrible, it might make it difficult for players to control the ball, making it easier to commit fouls.
  • Additionally, check for the referees because some tend to be more cheerful at giving out cards while others are more laid-back.
  • Check for different bookmakers to pick the best odds for your preferred event.

What is booking point in football? FAQs

What is booking point in football betting?

Booking points are a system where points are assigned to yellow (10 points) and red (25 points) cards shown during a football match. This system is used for a type of betting market where you can predict the total number of booking points in a match.

How many points is a yellow card?

A yellow card is worth 10 points.

How many points is a red card?

A red card is worth 25 points.

How many cards equal 40 booking points?

Four yellow cards are equal to 40 booking points.

What does it mean to bet on “1st Half Total Booking Points Under 5.5” in football?

1st half total booking points under 5.5 meaning is that the total number of booking points will be less than 5.5. Keep in mind that a yellow card is 10 points.

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