Peterson offers glimpse of Chiefs camp in Turkey: What’s different with new technical team?

Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Brandon Peterson offers a peek inside the team's pre-season camp in Turkey, including his experiences with the new technical team.

Amakhosi jetted out to Istanbul at the end of last week. They will spent three weeks preparing for the new season under a new technical team led by Nasreddine Nabi.

Speaking to SuperSport, Peterson described leaving the country with the team as a different feeling, considering they aren’t used to such a long trip together.


“It was a bit long (travel), I tried to sleep a bit but you know it was very difficult, you get an hour or two sleep there,” said Peterson.

“But great experience you know, getting to see different people and characters in the aeroplane and at the airport.

“Getting to airport, realising you have to pay for a trolley to put your luggage on. Stuff like that you’re not accustomed to but it was good. A bit long but we got here safe.”

Before departing for Turkey, Chiefs trained for a week and a half in Naturena under the guidance of assistant coach Fernando Da Cruz. 

Meanwhile, new goalkeeper coach Ilyes Mzoughi began working with the goalkeepers. 

Peterson acknowledges the challenges of adapting to the new management's demanding training methods as opposed to what they were accustomed to.


“I think travelling with the team and bonding experience is quite good,” he added.

“Trips like these is where you form that culture, that brotherhood. You spend a lot of time with each other.

“Generally, it’s a day or two but this is three weeks. So, it’s been so good, we’re looking forward to it.

“The first two-and-a-half weeks of pre-season in Johannesburg, South Africa, it was tough you know with the new guys in. New fitness trainer, new assistant coach and the new goalkeeper coach.

“They put us through our basis, it was a bit different, especially for the goalkeepers.

“You know generally, we try and build up, and by the second or third week we start going. (With new goalkeeper coach) we just went straight up the top.

“First two days was a bit tough but after that we could our bodies adapting, getting better, getting stronger and now I think we are used to it.

“We’re looking forward to the next couple of weeks of the pre-season.”

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Nkosiyabuya Sithole

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