Draw No Bet Meaning: Master DNB in Nigerian Football betting

If you’re new to sports betting in Nigeria, you might have come across Draw No Bet and might wonder, “What does DNB mean in betting?” DNB or Draw No Bet is a football betting strategy that eliminates the draw as an outcome, offering a safer alternative to traditional win-draw-win bets. Here, we'll break down how DNB works, the meaning behind “1” and “2“, the market's popularity, and how to calculate odds, stakes, and profits.

Draw No Bet Meaning

Draw No Bet is a betting market where the draw outcome is removed, allowing bettors to only choose between a home or away team win.

Imagine you're placing a bet on a Euro 2024 football match between France and the Netherlands. With a Draw No Bet wager, you're essentially betting on either France or the Netherlands to win. If the game ends in a draw, your stake is refunded – it's like the draw never happened.

In DNB betting, “1” represents the home team (e.g., Enyimba F.C. playing at the International Enyimba Stadium), while “2” represents the away team (e.g., Kano Pillars playing away from the Sanni Abacha Stadium).

Draw No Bet is popular for its simplicity and reduced risk. It's a favourite for beginners and those who want a safer betting option. When I started placing football bets over a decade ago, I always focused on Draw No Bet and Over/Under 2.5 because they were not as risky as the other betting types.

How does the Draw No Bet market work: Odds, stakes, results

As an experienced football bettor in Lagos, Nigeria, I understand the importance of mastering various betting markets. Let me walk you through how the Draw No Bet market works in terms of odds, stakes, and potential profits.

DNB odds

Think of DNB odds as a shortcut. They're usually lower than standard win-draw-win odds because the bookmaker removes the draw outcome. But here's a little secret: you can calculate your own DNB odds.

Draw No Bet meaning

Why bother? Because if your calculated odds are higher than the bookmaker's, you've spotted a potential value bet – meaning you could earn more than expected.

How to calculate DNB odds in betting

Let's say you're eyeing a match between Enyimba FC of Aba and Kano Pillars.

  1. Find the Win-Draw-Win Odds: Check the odds for Enyimba to win, for a draw, and for Kano Pillars to win.
  2. Estimate the Draw Probability: This is a bit trickier, but you can use historical data or your own football knowledge to guesstimate how likely a draw is.
  3. Adjust for the Draw: Remove the draw probability from the equation. This gives you a rough idea of the odds for each team to win without the draw.


  • Enyimba to Win: 2.5
  • Draw: 3.2
  • Kano Pillars to Win: 2.8

Let's say you think there's a 30% chance of a draw. You could adjust the odds like this (this is simplified – real calculations are more complex):

  • Enyimba DNB Odds: 2.5 / (1 – 0.30) = Roughly 3.57
  • Kano Pillars DNB Odds: 2.8 / (1 – 0.30) = Roughly 4.00

If the bookie is offering lower DNB odds, it might be a good time to place your bet.

Ideal DNB stakes

Your DNB stake is simply how much money you want to put down on the match. I always advise starting small until you get the hang of it. Remember, responsible betting is key. Only bet what you can afford to lose, and don't chase losses.

Draw No Bet

How to calculate DNB Profits

Calculating your potential DNB profits is easy:

  • Multiply Your Stake by the Odds: Let's say you bet ₦500 on Enyimba to win at odds of 2.0.
  • Subtract Your Stake: (₦500 x 2.0) – ₦500 = ₦500. That's your potential profit!

If Enyimba wins, you pocket an extra ₦500. If the match ends in a draw, you get your ₦500 back. It's a win-win…unless Enyimba loses.

I've had my fair share of wins and losses with DNB. My advice? Don't get discouraged by losses. Learn from them, adjust your strategy, and remember that it's all part of the game. And when you win? Enjoy that victory dance and buy yourself a plate of Starch and Banga soup.

How to win DNB bets: Tips and Strategies

As I mentioned earlier, DNB bets are my favourite type of bet in Nigeria due to the low level of risk involved. Here are some of the tips I always use when playing DNB:

  1. Research, research, research: Before I place any bet, I always check out both teams' forms. I analyse their head-to-head records, last 5 matches, and available players. This always helps me have an idea of what to expect.
  2. Favour the favourites: In my opinion, I strongly believe that it's smart to bet on the favourites when placing DNB bets.
  3. Shop around for the best odds: Different bookmakers offer varying odds for the same match. So, I always check out the odds on different bookmakers before placing my bets. However, I noticed that BetKing often offers the best odds for DNB.
  4. Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for your betting and stick to it. I don't chase losses. Something else I always keep in min is to never bet more than what I can afford to lose.

Best bookmakers in Nigeria for Draw No Bet odds

When it comes to Draw No Bet betting in Nigeria, having access to competitive odds from reputable bookmakers is crucial. After extensively researching and comparing various betting platforms, I can confidently recommend the following licensed Nigerian bookmakers as offering some of the best Draw No Bet odds for Nigerian bettors:

  • Bet9ja: As one of the largest and most popular bookmakers in Nigeria, Bet9ja consistently provides favourable Draw No Bet odds across a wide range of football leagues and competitions. Their user-friendly platform and mobile app make it easy to navigate and place DNB bets on the go.
Draw No Bet on Bet9ja
  • SportyBet: Even though it gained prominence a few years ago, SportyBet has quickly established itself as a go-to destination for Nigerian bettors seeking competitive Draw No Bet odds. Their user interface is clean and easy to use, making it simple to find and place DNB bets on your preferred matches.
  • BetKing: BetKing has gained a strong reputation among Nigerian bettors for their attractive odds, including those offered for the Draw No Bet market. To make things better, they're currently offering 1,000,000 NGN free bets as a welcome bonus to new users. You can use the BetKing welcome bonus to explore various DNB markets.
Draw No Bet on Merrybet
  • NairaBet: With a strong focus on Nigerian and African football leagues, NairaBet offers excellent Draw No Bet odds for local matches. Additionally, their odds for international competitions are consistently favourable, making them a great choice for DNB bettors interested in both domestic and global football.
Draw No Bet on BetKing

It's important to note that while these bookmakers are known for their attractive Draw No Bet odds, it's always a good practice to shop around and compare odds across multiple platforms before placing your bets. Additionally, be sure to familiarise yourself with each bookmaker's terms and conditions, as well as their banking options and customer support services, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable betting experience.

Draw No Bet alternatives: Other football betting markets to try

If you enjoy the reduced risk of Draw No Bet, you might also find these betting markets appealing:

  • Double Chance: This bet allows you to cover two out of three possible outcomes (e.g., home team win OR draw). It offers slightly lower odds than DNB but increases your chances of winning.
  • Asian Handicap (0): This handicap eliminates the draw by giving one team a virtual 0 goal advantage. If the game ends in a draw, your stake is refunded, similar to DNB. However, the odds may be different than DNB depending on the perceived strength of each team.
  • Both Teams to Score: BTTS betting focuses on whether both teams will score at least one goal during the match. It's a good option if you expect an open and attacking game.
  • Over/Under Goals: As the name suggest, the Over/Under market requires the bettor to predict if the total number of goals scored in the match match will go over or be under a certain number set by the bookmaker. It's a popular choice for those who focus on game statistics.

Is Draw No Bet a good option for you? My take on it

As someone who's spent a fair share of time exploring the world of football betting, I've found Draw No Bet (DNB) to be a real game-changer because of how it helps you manage risks. Here's why I think it's a great option for you too:

  • Your Money is Safer: Let's face it, draws happen in football. DNB takes away the sting of a draw by refunding your stake. That's peace of mind you can't put a price on!
  • It's Super Easy: DNB is a simple concept. You're betting on a team to win, and if it's a draw, you get your money back. It's perfect for beginners and seasoned bettors alike.
  • Strategy is Key: Whether you're using it as a standalone bet or as part of a larger betting strategy, DNB is incredibly versatile.

Things to keep in mind before placing a Draw No Bet

Overall, I believe Draw No Bet is an excellent option for Nigerian football bettors like yourself who prioritise risk management and value opportunities. Its simplicity and potential for value make it a solid choice, especially if you want to minimise losses due to draws.

Draw No Bet Betting Tip

However, I always recommend managing your bankroll effectively and considering alternative markets to diversify your betting strategy. And remember, always bet responsibly. Don’t stake more than what you can afford to lose.

Draw No Bet Meaning FAQs

What is the difference between Draw No Bet (DNB) and Double Chance?

Both DNB and Double Chance offer safer alternatives to traditional bets. However, the meaning of Draw No Bet is that it eliminates the draw entirely, refunding your stake if the game ends in a tie. Double Chance, on the other hand, allows you to bet on two outcomes (e.g., home team win OR draw), but it usually has lower odds than DNB.

What are the downsides of Draw No Bet?

The main downside of DNB is that the odds are lower than win-draw-win bets. This is because the bookmaker is taking on less risk by eliminating the draw. However, many bettors find this trade-off acceptable for the added security of a refunded stake in case of a draw.

Is Draw No Bet profitable?

Like any betting strategy, DNB can be profitable if used wisely. It's important to understand the DNB meaning in betting, research the teams and their form, and compare odds across different bookmakers. By making informed decisions, you can increase your chances of success.

What is the home draw no bet meaning?

The 1 DNB meaning in betting is a Draw No Bet wager specifically on the home team to win. If the home team wins, you win your bet. If it's a draw, you get your stake back. If the away team wins, you lose.

What does 2 DNB mean in betting?

2 DNB meaning in betting is a Draw No Bet wager on the away team to win. If the away team wins, you win your bet. If it's a draw, you get your stake back. If the home team wins, you lose.

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