Who will win EURO 2024: Odds & predictions for Nigerian bettors

England, France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain are the top 5 favourites to win the EURO 2024 title. The EURO offers us a golden opportunity to not only enjoy world-class football but also potentially enjoy our winnings by choosing the best betting odds for the competition. But among those strong favourites, there's still a big question – who will win EURO 2024?

Who will win Euro 2024: Winner predictions table

Before we dive into my personal picks, let's take a look at the current odds for the top contenders:

Team Odds
England 4.00
France 5.50
Germany 5.50
Portugal 9.00
Spain 9.50
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Euro 2024 odds

England to win: 4.00

The Three Lions are always a strong contender, and their recent performances have been impressive. With the odds of 4.00 on Betano.ng, they are the EURO 2024 odds winner. For those wondering about “who will win EURO 2024 prediction,” England certainly stands out. With a talented squad featuring stars like Harry Kane, Phil Foden (the EPL player of the season this year), and Jude Bellingham, they have a real chance of lifting the trophy.

England's odds to win Euro 2024

Remember they lost the last Euro final to Italy on penalties. This time around, they will be hoping to finally bring the trophy home.

Betting tip: Consider placing a bet on England to reach the final. They have a history of making deep runs in major tournaments, and their current form suggests they could go all the way.

France to win: 5.50

Les Bleus are the reigning World Cup champions and boast an incredibly talented squad led by the likes of Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. Their attacking prowess and tactical flexibility make them a formidable opponent for any team. Their victory in the 2018 World Cup is still fresh in our minds, and many of those champions are part of the EURO 2024 squad.

Betting tip: If you're feeling adventurous, consider a bet on France to win both halves of a match. Their ability to dominate games from start to finish could lead to some exciting payouts.

France odds in EURO 2024

Germany to win: 5.50

As the host nation, Germany will have the advantage of playing in front of their home crowd. They also have a rich history of success in the EUROS, having won the tournament three times. Their young and dynamic squad could surprise many. With a mix of experienced players like Thomas Müller and new talents like Kai Havertz, Germany’s squad is balanced and capable of performing under pressure.

Here’s something even more thrilling for us Nigerian fans: there are players of Nigerian descent who will be representing their respective national teams in this tournament. Take Jamal Musiala, for instance, who has a Nigerian father but plays for Germany. This connection adds an extra layer of excitement and personal pride to the games. Picture this: watching a player with Nigerian roots score a winning goal in the final!

Betting tip: A bet on Germany to score over 2.5 goals in a match could be a good option. Their attacking style of play and the home crowd advantage could lead to some high-scoring encounters.

Portugal to win: 9.00

Portugal has a strong and experienced squad, including the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, who brings both skill and leadership to the team. Alongside him, young talents like João Félix and Bruno Fernandes add creativity and dynamism to their play. Portugal’s balanced team and strategic gameplay make them serious contenders.

Betting tip: Consider betting on Portugal to score in both halves of a match. Their attacking depth and ability to maintain pressure throughout the game often lead to multiple scoring opportunities.

Spain to win: 9.50

Spain has a history of success in the EUROS, having won the tournament three times. Their current squad features a mix of experienced players and young stars like Pedri and Nico Williams. Known for their possession-based football and tactical discipline, Spain can outmanoeuvre many opponents.

Spain's odds to win Euro 2024 group B

Betting tip: A good betting option could be Spain to win their group. The odds for this event is 1.82. Their solid defence and controlling style of play make it difficult for opponents to score.

Who could be the surprise EURO 2024 winner?

Sometimes, it’s not the favourites who take the trophy home. Underdogs can surprise us, and betting on them can be incredibly rewarding. One such team to watch is Denmark.

Denmark to win EURO 2024: 45.00 Odds

Why Denmark?

Denmark has shown remarkable performance in recent international tournaments. Their cohesive team play and strong defensive tactics have brought them to the forefront as a potential dark horse. Players like Christian Eriksen, who has made a remarkable comeback, and rising stars add to their strength.

Denmark's odds to win Euro 2024

Betting Tip: With odds of 45.00, Denmark presents a high-risk, high-reward betting opportunity. If you enjoy the excitement of rooting for an underdog, placing a small bet on Denmark might just pay off.

Euro 2024: Top players to watch out for

The Euro tournament is always filled with diverse talents. However, for Euro 2024, these are players to watch out for:

  1. Mbappe
  2. Toni Kroos
  3. Ronaldo
  4. De Bruyne
  5. Jeremy Frimpong

Who will win EURO 2024 prediction: My opinion

From my perspective, France stands out as the most likely winner of EURO 2024. Their blend of experienced champions and young talent, coupled with their tactical versatility, makes them a formidable force. While England and Germany are strong contenders, France’s recent track record in major tournaments gives them an edge.

FAQ on who will win EURO 2024 prediction

Who won Euro 2020?

Italy emerged as the surprise winners of Euro 2020, defeating England in a penalty shootout in the final.

Which Nigerian bookmakers offer the best Euro 2024 odds?

Many Nigerian bookmakers, such as Bet9ja, NairaBet, and BetKing, offer competitive odds for EURO 2024. It’s worth comparing their odds to find the best deals.

Who is the favourite to win Euro 2024?

Currently, England, France, and Germany are among the favourites, but the dynamic nature of football means anything can happen.

Who will win Euro 2024?

Predicting the winner of EURO 2024 is challenging due to the high level of competition. However, based on current form, squad strength, and recent performances, my personal pick is France.

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